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Thank you for taking the time to submit your application to the Art Jameel Research and Practice Platform supported by Dubai Culture.

Please make sure you have carefully read the eligibility criteria and FAQs for the Research and Practice Platform via the link [here] prior to submitting your application. Please note the deadline for applications is January 15, 2024 (23.59 GST)

The Research and Practice Platform awards grants of  AED 3,600 ($1000) to AED 22,000 ($6000) to individual artists, creatives and collectives working on climate-related projects and proposals in the UAE.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be based in the UAE at the time of application as a UAE National or long-term Resident. 

**Are you based elsewhere in the Middle East and North Africa (outside the UAE)? ? Please note that Art Jameel and the British Council have launched a parallel programme specifically designed for practitioners and organisations from the MENA region. If you are an individual practicing outside the UAE or an organization based within the UAE, kindly submit your application for the Anhar: Culture and Climate Platform by clicking [here].

  • Applicants should demonstrate that they are active in and committed to their local creative communities in the UAE
  • Applicants should demonstrate integrity of purpose and originality of thinking in their work in general and in the projects they are proposing
  • Applicants should prioritise sustainable practices in their proposals, aiming for their projects to minimise environmental impact and work toward carbon neutrality


The committees will consider: 

  • The nature of the project (whether the production or completion of a body of artworks/film/performance, piece of research or writing, curatorial or research paper for an exhibition, project and so on) – its integrity, originality and feasibility
  • Adherence of the project to the eligibility criteria, theme and focus of the Research and Practice Platform as a programme specifically designed to address the climate crisis
  • Plans for public engagement in the project (for e.g. where would the project be shown, opportunities for public programming around the project, who the target audience might be)
  • The impact a grant would have on the practitioner’s ability to carry out the specific project
  • Clarity of the written request and quality of supporting documents
  • Whether the budget requested is appropriate for the project; the Platform aims to award as many projects as possible and appreciates applicants requesting an appropriate amount of funding between AED 3,600 ($1000) to AED 22,000 ($6000) 


Personal information and data related to the applicants and recipients will be kept confidential. The first and last names of the grant recipients will be publicly disclosed as part of the recognition process.

Technical Questions?

Check out the Submitter Resource Center or contact Submittable Customer Support.



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